10 Things you Shouldn't do at Christmas

you shouldn't do at Christmas

10 Things you Shouldn’t do at Christmas

We all love Christmas, well I hope we do, friends and family, parties and celebrations and festive fun and frolics but sometimes we forget a little bit of Etiquette goes a long way. So here are 10 things that you SHOULDN’T do at Christmas.

10 Things you Shouldn’t do at Christmas

    1. When you get a present say thank you and please don’t ask how much it cost.
    2. With that in mind don’t go on social media and complain about how crap your presents were or how you hate your family. Remember friends can come and go but family is forever.
    3. Don’t take photos of your Christmas dinner because we don’t want to see it.
    4. So that you won’t be taking photos of your dinner don’t bring it to the table and you might even find that talking to people can be fun.
    5. If anyone in your family falls asleep please don’t take photos of her because we don’t want to see that either and if you try to make them look drunk a post to social media it really is something you might regret later.
    6. Don’t force anyone to have a drink. If they want one, they can have one!
    7. By the way it is possible to go one day without your phone
    8. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t be that egit that says “sure I’ll be grand”
    9. Don’t try to get the dog drunk
    10. Don’t forget to compliment the chef! They probably spent hours preparing dinner and would love to hear your appreciation.

Just remember, the little things make are so important and a little bit of etiquette can go a long way and always remember the things that you shouldn’t do at Christmas.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy every minute of it.

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