10 Years of Waterford In Your Pocket

10 Years of Waterford In Your Pocket

On July 11th 2013, a monumental day for Waterford began with the Launch of a little page on Facebook called Waterford In Your Pocket. Since then it has blossomed to become one of the biggest pages in Waterford thanks to the support of its massive fan base which is scattered all over the world from Australia and Canada to South Africa and Kilkenny. There are very few places in the world that WIYP hasn’t shown what Waterford has to offer!

A decade ago, when the first whispers of Waterford In Your Pocket reached eager ears, few could have foreseen the journey it would embark upon. With each passing year, it became a portal, a window into the heart and soul of this historic County. From its cobblestone lanes, majestic rivers, Spectacular mountains and to its glorious coastline every post brought a new chapter of discovery and enchantment.

Tramore from SaleensDo you remember the early days? The excitement of what WIYP are going to do next, searching for hidden gems and secret stories? It was a treasure hunt, and Waterford was our playground. We wandered the streets with newfound purpose, eyes wide with anticipation, eager to uncover the hidden history that lay just beneath the surface.

The County became a character in its own story, revealing its rich tapestry of tales through the diligent efforts of Waterford In Your Pocket. Its social media captured the essence of local legends and famous figures, drawing us closer to the heart of the community. The ancient landscape echoed with whispers of the past, reminding us that we are part of an intricate web, woven through time.

Seasons came and went, but Waterford In Your Pocket remained a constant companion. It celebrated the vibrant festivals that painted the County with joyous colors. From the shimmering lights of Winterval to the rhythmic beats of Spraoi, each event was etched into our collective memory, thanks to the evocative storytelling that appeared on their social media.Santa and Mayor of Waterford City and County John O'Leary

But it wasn’t just the grand spectacles that captured our hearts. Waterford In Your Pocket embraced the simple pleasures too—the aroma of freshly baked blaa at the local bakery, the laughter of children playing, and the calming whispers of the River Suir as it flowed gracefully through the heart of Waterford City. It reminded us that beauty can be found in the everyday moments, if we only take the time to notice.

Through the years, Waterford In Your Pocket evolved, adapting to the changing times. Its digital presence grew, reaching a wider audience hungry for connection and discovery. Yet, it never lost its essence—the commitment to celebrating the unique spirit of Waterford and the passion for sharing its stories with the world.

As we look back on a decade of Waterford In Your Pocket, we find ourselves grateful for the memories it has bestowed upon us. It has been a faithful companion, a guide, and a storyteller, breathing life into the nooks and crannies of this beloved County. But, the stories within will forever remain etched in our hearts.

Here’s to another decade of Waterford In Your Pocket—a steadfast guardian of memories, an inspiration for exploration, and a reminder that no matter how much time passes, the soul of a place endures.