17th Waterford International Film Festival (WIFF) 2023: Programme Line-up

Waterford International Film Festival
17th Waterford International Film Festival (WIFF) 2023: Programme Line-up
We are excited to announce the Waterford International Film Festival (WIFF) 2023 programme, a week-long celebration of films from across the globe. The festival is set to run from November 20th to 26th and will offer attendees the choice between a hybrid experience with both in-person and online events.
WIFF In-Person: Join us at the House of Waterford Crystal from November 24th to 26th for an engrossing in-person experience. Tickets can be purchased (CASH ONLY) at reception.
WIFF Online: From November 20th to 26th, film enthusiasts can access a diverse and compelling lineup of national and international films at the click of a button. Visit https://festival.filmocracy.com/WIFF to register for our online screenings.
Waterford International Film Festival
This year, WIFF 2023 is proud to present a selection of over 190 films spanning a rich tapestry of genres and themes. From drama to comedy, sci-fi to thrillers, and beyond, our festival offers a diverse mix of live-action short films, documentaries, animations, and music videos. We are honoured to showcase both emerging talents and professional filmmakers, including award-winning works that are sure to captivate audiences.
One of the festival’s highlights is the Awards Presentation, which will take place at the House of Waterford Crystal on Sunday, November 26th at 5 p.m., honouring outstanding achievements in film, screenwriting, and photography.
As part of WIFF, we are delighted to collaborate with the National Talent Academy Film & TV to present a Screenwriting Workshop led by producer Paul FitzSimons, whose award-winning feature film, “VERDIGRIS,” has garnered acclaim. This workshop is a golden opportunity for budding screenwriters to enhance their craft.
Respected guest judges, including John R. Perrotta, a writer and contributor to HBO’s “Luck,” and writer Bill Barich, known for his work on “NYPD Blue” (ABC-TV) and “Luck” (HBO), will participate in the scriptwriting competition. John will also be attending to engage with filmmakers during the festival weekend.
Additionally, the Waterford Film & TV Mixer and Networking Event, presented in collaboration with the National Talent Academies Ireland, will be held on Saturday, November 25th at 3 p.m. at the House of Waterford Crystal. This networking reception aims to foster opportunities for Screenwriting 101 Workshop participants and local talent to connect and exchange ideas. Attendees will also have the chance to learn about upcoming training, opportunities, and events from NTA Film & TV. To register for this event please see our ticket information page at www.waterfordfilmfestival.net 
The deadline to RSVP for the mixer is Friday, November 23rd at 3 p.m.
Join us in celebrating the art of film and the passion of filmmakers from around the world.
Full Programme Information at: www.waterfordfilmfestival.net
To see the Full Film Listings & to register for our online programme please go to https://festival.filmocracy.com/WIFF