30 Gifts you Don’t Want

30 things you don't want for Christmas

30 Gifts you Don’t Want Under the Tree on Christmas Morning

Every year millions of people get presents that they don’t want a Christmas so here’s a list of 30 Gifts you Don’t Want

  1. School supplies
  2. Out of date selection boxes
  3. Clothes that don’t fit
  4. A soccer jersey from the wrong team
  5. Socks
  6. Household items
  7. Cookery books on dieting
  8. iPhone accessories when you have an android
  9. Play Station games when you have an X-Box
  10. A gift voucher for a shop miles from where you live
  11. Cooking lessons for your wife or girlfriend
  12. A GPS for someone who doesn’t drive
  13. A book that has someone else’s name written on it!
  14. Cleaning products (Honey those rubber gloves look fantastic)
  15. A plant for someone who has hay fever
  16. Electronic toys and you forgot the batteries
  17. Getting a gift back that you gave someone last year
  18. A book on etiquette form your mother in law
  19. Self help books (there could be a hidden agenda there)
  20. A gift for a kid that isn’t a kid anymore
  21. Badly made homemade gifts
  22. Handkerchiefs
  23. A gift that you will never use but the person who gave it to you will
  24. Anger management squeeze balls
  25. Last year’s calendar
  26. DVDs when you have a blue ray
  27. Gifts that you know came (stolen) from the office or place of work
  28. A bottle of wine when you don’t drink
  29. Bags of sweets that you just know where bought in the local shop at the last minute
  30. Anything that’s broken

It’s hard to find gifts that people will like but with a little bit of effort and consideration it might be just possible to make that special someone happy on Christmas morning.  Mind you if you do get them the gift they don’t like please take a photo of their reaction and send it into us.