A colourful future for Waterford

What's on in Waterford

Do colours have smells?  Well if you are in Waterford this weekend you will get the smell of fresh paint and creativity second to none with Waterford Walls, Ireland’s biggest “Street Art” Festival.
For the past 4 years Waterford Walls have brought amazing colour and vibrancy to Ireland’s loldest city by transforming gable ends and walls from blank canvases into amazing works of art.  All around the city centre you will find it hard to find an area where artists haven’t made an impression and dare I say, put a smile on all our faces.

“Artists are aiming to impress people when we should aim to inspire them” 

Valdi Valdi (Street Artist)

We had a look at some of the tweets that are flying around on twitter and thought we’d share the best ones with you.  Waterford really has a colourful future ahead!  Continuing all this weekend check out the programme of events for Waterford Walls HERE.

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