A special tribute to be paid to Waterford Poet Sean Dunne

Booze Blaas n’ Banter

A special tribute to be paid to Waterford Poet Sean Dunne at the annual Booze Blaas n’ Banter Event

During the 18th annual Imagine Arts Festival, the annual ‘Booze, Blaas and Banter’ event celebrating the City’s Quayside and maritime heritage will also offer lots of interesting chats and craic. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, October 26th at 9 am at Jordan’s American Bar on Waterford’s Quayside.
This annual homage to early house docker’s taverns has established itself as a popular highlight of the Imagine Festival. In fact, the idea has now spread to two other cities in Ireland who are now doing their own version of this event.
Booze Blaas n’ Banter
Short local labour, maritime and social history talks are interspersed with music, poetry and song. This makes for a fun-packed early morning gig where gaiety is a civil duty. Complimentary Waterford Blaa’s with fillings plus tea and coffee are available throughout, whilst beers can be purchased from the bar.
This years event include’s a special tribute to Waterford poet and writer Sean Dunne by his friend and fellow poet Thomas McCarthy. ‘Remembering Sean Dunne’ will be delivered by Thomas. “… sharing student dig’s, wild nights in the Thirsty Scholar, The Swan & Cygnet, The Phoenix Bar and the night clubs of Cork City, along with all-night partying and endless discussions and debates on literature, politics, religion, women and the meaning of life …”

The morning of ten-minute talks on 
everything from local and
 labour history, trade unions 
to Waterford’s seagoing 
maritime tradition along
 with musical and comedy interludes. The speakers on October 26th include John M.
Hearne who will speak on The First Glass Factory Militant; From Bunmahon to Butte  – Irish Immigrant Labour in an Age of  Revolution by Dr Brian Kelly; Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg and the Beats – A Suirside State of Mind by Dave Lordan; Dickers – The Days of our Lives by Dermot Power and Why Didn’t They Eat Fish? –  Joshua Strangman and An Gorta Mór:  By Joe Falvey.
A variety of over 80 events are on offer for the 18th annual Arts Festival which takes place this October 18th to 27th 2019. 55% of the programmed events are on offer free of charge. Three of Waterford’s finest festivals are rolled into one under the umbrella of the Imagine Arts Festival, including the Waterford Writers Weekend along with the John Dwyer Trad Weekend an eclectic and international events programme to choose from under Imagine Arts which celebrates theatre, dance, music, visual art, discussion and debate.
Join in the fun this October in Waterford from the 18th to 27th – for information and booking see www.imagineartsfestival.com