Bank Holidays in 2024

Bank Holidays in 2024

Bank Holidays in 2024; We are always looking forward to day’s off and when is the best time to take holidays.  We’ve put this list together for you so you have to look no further.  The Bank Holidays in 2024 are as follows,

  • New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1st.
  • St Brigid’s Day – Monday, February 5th.
  • St Patrick’s Day -Monday March 18th (Although St Patrick’s day is on the 17th which is a Sunday, the bank holiday is carried over to the next day which is Monday the 17th.)
  • Easter Monday – Monday, April 1st. (we kid you not)
  • May Day – Monday, May 6th.
  • June Bank Holiday – Monday, June 3th.
  • August Bank Holiday – Monday, August 5th. (That means Spraoi and ATN in Waterford)
  • October Bank Holiday – Monday, October 28th.
  • Christmas Day – Wednesday, December 25th.
  • St Stephen’s Day – Thursday, December 26th.

We are lucky enough here in Ireland to have 10 Bank Holidays in 2024 or neighbours in Wales and England only have 8.  Austria has the most in Europe with 12.

Bank Holidays in 2024

So where did ‘Bank Holidays’ come from?

The following is from a piece from RTÉ.  No prizes for guessing that banks are in fact the reason we call them bank holidays. All the way back in 1871, when Ireland was still under British rule, it was the Bank Holidays Act (1871) that introduced four days off: St Stephen’s Day if it’s a weekday — referred to as the 26th day of December, not Boxing Day or St Stephen’s Day — the first Monday in August, Easter Monday and Whit Monday.

A lot of the detail in that Bank Holidays Act is actually about things like settling debts and promissory notes

“It’s where the name comes from,” says Dr Coleman A. Dennehy, Humanities Institute, UCD.. “It seems strange to people today that we still call them bank holidays. A lot of the detail in that Act is actually about things like settling debts and promissory notes.”

The record of parliament shows that there wasn’t a huge amount of debate about the four bank holidays. The bill was introduced by Sir John Lubbock, who was “very popular in the press as a result,” says Dennehy. It wasn’t until 1903, when the Bank Holiday Act (Ireland) added March 17th, St Patrick’s Day, as a bank holiday that we started getting the day off for that. It was passed by Westminster parliament and sponsored by a number of “Home Rulers” like James O’Mara, John Redmond, William O’Brien, John Dillon, George William Russell and others.

So there you have the Bank Holidays in 2024 and a little information to go with it.

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