Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips

We thought we’d give you a few Christmas Shopping Tips because we all know that Christmas is the time of year when a lot of money is spent on presents for family and friends.  It can be stressful for a lot of people and expensive.  But there are a few things you can do to take the stress out of your shopping experience and not go over budget.

Make a shopping list.

Making a list of people that you have to buy presents for can make all the difference.  Once you put some thought into it you will surprise yourself on how effective lists are.

Set a budget

Now that you have your list set, the next thing is to set a budget.  It’s not just a case of dividing the number of presents you have to buy into the amount you have to spend because some presents are going to be more expensive than others.  Take some time to consider who you are going to spend the most money on.

Pay in cash or use your debit card

There are a lot of people who get themselves into debt at Christmas so leave your credit card at home and either pay by cash or debit card.  You’ll be delighted come January that you left your credit card at home.
Christmas Shopping Tips

Shop alone

At times this can be a hard one.  Going shopping with friends or family members can be great fun and you could make a day of it.  But remember that you will often be influenced by others and it is a lot easier to stick to your list if you are by yourself.  Remember it’s easy for other people to spend your money.

Check out sales and special offers

Many shops have sales before Christmas especially “Black Friday” which, let’s face it, lasts for more than one day here in Ireland.  You can make some great savings from these pre-Christmas sales so keep a watchful eye on local media and websites to see what offers that they will be having.
Christmas Shopping Tips

Kids can be expensive

Each and every year there is an amazing amount of money spent of what Santa brings the kids and the presents that you give to the kids of family and friends.  One tip is to find out what they need and not what they want.  We’re not talking about buying the little ones socks or anything like that but there could be educational games that they could play with their family and friends.  It doesn’t have to be a new phone or play station.

Lots of presents Verses just one

What do people most at Christmas?  Well let’s be honest it’s getting presents. Unwrapping presents is something special and has that feel good factor to it.  So with that in mind, you could buy a few presents (sticking within your budget of course) rather than buying just one big present.
Christmas Shopping Tips

Buy a gift for the family rather than for an individual

Think about what you can save while still giving great gifts by giving a slightly more expensive gift to two or more people instead of buying individual gifts for each person in the family.  It could be a game for the whole family to play, a voucher for a local restaurant, tickets for a show, the list goes on.

Shop Local

If you shop at local Christmas markets you will often find gifts that are unique.  Unique presents are often thought of more because of the simple fact that they are unique.

Gift Vouchers

We’re lucky here in Waterford that we have a “Waterford Gift Voucher” that is accepted in many shops and restaurants.  The “Waterford Gift Voucher” is a great way to ensure that money stays local and you are doing your part to sustain jobs in Waterford too.
Christmas Shopping Tips

So our Christmas Shopping Tips are take the stress out of your Christmas shopping, make a list and check it twice.