Clocks Fall Back

Clocks Fall Back

The clocks are going back (Clocks Fall Back) one hour at 2am on Sunday the 31st of October 2021 and won’t go forward again until Sunday March27th 2022.

Clocks Fall Back; But why are the clocks going back and forward? Well by putting the clocks back in autumn it means that the mornings won’t be dark (if we didn’t change the clocks back it wouldn’t be bright until about 9.30am so it would be dark when you are going to work or school).  If we didn’t put them forward in Summer then we wouldn’t hear anyone saying that there’s a great stretch in the evenings!

It was thought that putting the clocks back and forward was making the best use of our time.  But this goes back to a time when most people were engaged, in one way or another, in farming.  It was more productive to have people out in the fields early.  Recently the powers that be have maintained that the clocks going back make the roads safer in the morning during rush hour, which actually makes sense.  It has been said that it helps with energy saving too but you’d have to question this with the evenings getting darker earlier.

But for all of us it means one thing, Christmas is only 56 days away.  So even with the nights getting darker make sure you get out and about during the day to get some fresh air before you settle down in your onesie and start watching your favourite TV programs that are all starting to come back with new seasons.

So enjoy the extra hour in bed on Sunday (well if you have kids that won’t make one bit of difference lol) and starting counting down the days until the clocks go forward again and summer is once again in sight.  Enjoy and embrace the winter folks.