Did you know that Waterford has Purple Flag Status?

Purple Flag Waterford

Did you know that Waterford has Purple Flag Status?

There are a lot of people that don’t know that Waterford City has ‘Purple Flag’ status.  But what is this ‘Purple Flag’?
‘Purple Flag’ status is an accreditation process similar to the Green Flag award for parks and the Blue Flag for beaches. It allows members of the public to quickly identify town & city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.
Purple Flag Waterford
So what are the criteria that Waterford had to achieve?

  • The Policy Envelope: An after-hours policy that shows a clear strategy based on sound research, integrated public policy and a successful multi-sector partnership.
  • Wellbeing: Successful destinations are all safe and welcoming with all sectors playing their part in delivering high standards of customer care.
  • Movement: Getting home safely after an evening out is crucial, as is the ability to move around the centre on foot with ease.
  • Appeal: Successful destinations offer a vibrant choice of leisure and entertainment for a diversity of ages, groups, lifestyles and cultures.
  • Place: Successful areas are alive during the day, as well as in the evening. They contain a blend of overlapping activities that encourage people to mingle and enjoy the place. They reinforce the character and identity of the area as well as flair and imagination in urban design for the night.

Purple Flag Waterford
October is the designated month during which all locations with Purple Flag status celebrate this achievement. The evening and night-time economy significantly contributes to our local economy and Purple Flag Waterford aims to support this economy and drive standards within the Zone in partnership with our key stakeholders.
To celebrate our Purple Flag status since 2015, we are asking that you to capture people’s imaginations, change perceptions and encourage them to do something different with their evenings in a variety of locations across the Zone area; the invitation to the public is to experience the quality, diversity and vibrancy Waterford City Centre has to offer.

During October we are asking that you add to the celebrations by including some of the suggestions below to highlight Purple Flag to your staff and customers.
We’re delighted to work with Purple Flag Waterford and we do our best to promote our wonderful city with all our event listings.

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