Fireworks and Pets at Halloween


Concerned Pet Owner and Animal Lover Warns of the Effects of Fireworks on Pets this coming Halloween Season!

We always appreciate when bloggers send us their blogs to share and with Halloween approaching this one has a strong message and is very apt for the coming few weeks.
Fireworks are lovely to look at…..
Written by Jennifer Tobin

It’s that time of year again when we get a whole month (if not longer) of fireworks and bangers being set off.  At certain times of the year we get to enjoy pre arranged displays of fireworks. These events are publicised so that people can prepare for them. Pet owners can ensure their beloved animals are safe secure and as calm as possible during this time.

Fireworks and Pets at Halloween

I was in Tramore last Sunday, walking along with my Dad’s dog and his friend’s dog who is older and very scared of loud noises, when fireworks were set off from several locations within a short space of time. The dogs were so upset and physically shaking that we had to turn around and go back indoors.

The very next day in the late afternoon my own dogs start to cry and howl….. I went out to comfort them and there were fireworks being left off up in the Gracedieu area of Waterford City.
I understand that fireworks are fun and beautiful to look at, most of us have enjoyed a fireworks display. However,  fireworks can be so dangerous if the people using them aren’t careful and sometimes even when they are!

Fireworks and Pets at Halloween

I’m asking anyone who is reading this who might be thinking of setting off fireworks to think again! Think about the stress and anxiety that this can cause to our pets.  Older pets can’t handle frights and could suffer from health issues like a stroke or a heart attack because of the anxiety and trauma it causes. I know a family pet of ours used to take cover in the bath when fireworks were being left off!

Pets could be out walking with their owners and get such a fright that they bolt and get lost.
If you are a pet owner and are suffering at this time of year I have found some things that might help your pet. Playing Calming music, investing in a thunder shirt/vest or a natural calming liquid.

STAY SAFE folks and thanks in advance from all of our pet friends!