Happy St. Patrick's Day!


by Michelle Heffernan

love irelandLá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibhse go léir!

To celebrate the utter brilliance of this tiny little island we asked some non natives to tell us everything they loved about living in the Deise!
James Mowatt, 24 from Devon, England
“I love Tramore 😂 here at the moment and full of paddy’s day cheer! I think the people are more relaxed and friendly, there’s a of great places to visit and history to see!
Trishauna Archer, 31 from Jamaica
“I love Waterford because for a small county it has a little slice of everything. Fab beaches but on the flip side those mountainous views and walks. I don’t think it gets much better to be honest”.
Ellie Vincenzoni Hill, 35, from Bormio, Italy
“For once, I love that random people say hello to you when you cross path on the footpath. Another thing i love is the sense of community, especially around local and national GAA events”
Erica Hearne (Meneses), 31, from Miami, Florida
“To me, moving to Ireland was a chance to strip down to basics. I got to start anew, without being on a hamster wheel, and decide what was the most important for my family and myself. It turns out all I wanted was a sense of community, happiness, and simplicity. I’ve never regretted the decision to upend my life and come here once.”
Magdalena Lipinska, 40, from Gdynia Poland
“Waterford is a sweet spot for me between a busy city and a countryside. It’s also close enough to bigger cities if I crave to get lost in crowds and have a taste of a ‘metropolitan’ lifestyle 😀 . It has breathtaking views, like Copper Coast and Comeragh Mountains and splendid surfing locations like Tramore or Annestown. I also enjoy a laid back attitude of Irish people”
Francisco Rojas, 33, from Spain
“Ahh! The Good ol’ Deise – Good Craic, better people . Some of my best friends are from there and my fondest memories from University down in WIT. It will always have a place in my heart!”
Melissa Talbot, 28, from South Africa
“not really one thing I love about Ireland, but tons of little things! Love the Irish people, how friendly and welcoming they are, love that my daughter is able to have a safe and stable environment to grow up in with a ton of opportunities available to her and I REALLY love the accent”