New App Launched in Waterford by Ordee

New App Launched in Waterford by Ordee

New App Launched in Waterford by Ordee

Distancing, Socially, Bringing hospitality back to business!
A Waterford based company has launched a new app to help the hospitality sector and it’s called Ordee.  The app will be available from 30th May to download from Google Store or the App store.
So what is Ordee?  Ordee allows publicans and restaurants to put their energy into their passion while the GPS based App ensures that venues are remaining compliant with “Return to Work Guidelines”. The cloud-based platform allows owners to easily document and broadcast their venues’ compliance and availability to their customer base.
New App Launched in Waterford by Ordee
Customers will be able to inform themselves, through Ordee, as to what venues have socially distanced space available and once perched in the venue can in fact order and pay directly from the App. The peace of mind and lift that Ordee can give our venues, customers and in fact the national morale, quite simply could be the best tonic you order this year!
But it’s not only pubs and restaurants that can make use of Ordee.  Gyms, swimming pools and other activities can also make use of this new app.   Everything is carried out in real-time so you can see availability before you make a booking.   After you make your booking you can order what you want and pay for it all contactlessly.  How bad?
New App Launched in Waterford by Ordee

So what does this mean for business owners?

Social Distancing

Re-engaging your customer and promoting safe practices. Queueing functionality to ensure your customers are not standing outside or clogging up a waiting area. Notifications to let them know their place in the queue before they leave home.

Customer App

View in real time your local venues availabilities and promotions. Lower level of interaction between patrons and staff with features such as no-contact ordering and payments.

Capacity Compliance

Monitor and report on your venue in real time and provide analytics for compliance. Reassuring your customers of their safety. Clock in, clock out functionality for customers without the app.


Ordee is GDPR compliant with secure SSL 256-bit encryption.  And best of all features can be turned on and off as requested
If you want to learn more about Ordee then you can contact them through their website and request a demo or visit google store or the app store and download the Ordee App which will be available from the 30th May.  Don’t forget to follow them on FACEBOOK to keep up with news and tips from Ordee.