Noah’s Wish to Walk

Noah’s Wish to Walk

A fundraising campaign called “Noah’s Wish to Walk”, has been launched to raise €100,000 for life changing surgery for a life loving 4 year old Waterford boy Noah O’Sullivan.

Noah’s Wish to Walk
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Noah was born at just 29 weeks.At just 13 days old he was transferred to Temple Street Children’s Hospital having suffered two brain bleeds, hydrocephalus and meningitis. He was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy at 18 months old, as a result of these early conditions. Cerebral Palsy affects Noah in that he cannot stand or walk safely without support, as his body is in a constant battle against him, forcing him into an extreme tip-toe position every time he tries to use his legs. He cannot sit freely or comfortably without a chair. He has poor balance and finds it difficult to transition from one position to another. All of these simple movements are a major challenge to Noah.

Noah has attended physio since he was just 4 weeks old (long before he was even due to be born!!). He works through gruelling physio sessions every single day and continues to improve all the time. He is a determined little boy who works so hard, but to achieve control over his movements and progress to the next level, he needs surgery to eliminate the spasticity which dominates his body.
Noah’s Wish to Walk
This surgery will allow him so much more than the ability to walk – he will be able to stand, interact with his peers at their eye level, learn to become independent, and most importantly live a life without the pain of muscle spasms.
Noah is a fun loving little boy and would love the chance to run, jump and play with his little brother and friends – This is that chance!

Where is The Money Going

Money raised will cover the cost of the surgery itself (approx €55k), travel to St Louis (approx 5k) and 3 years intensive post-op rehabilitative physio therapy (20k in year 1, 10k in years 2 & 3). This will help Noah achieve the maximum benefit from the surgery and reach his full potential.
So we hee at Waterford In Your Pocket are asking everyone to give a helping hand and help Noah!  You can follow him on Facebook and and you can check out up coming fundraising events on his website.   If we all help we can really make a difference on a little 4 year olds life.

Some Fundraising events

A Night Of Motivational Talks will be held at the Tower Hotel in Waterford City on the 16th of February and speakers nclude Derek McGrath, Enda O Doherty and Bryan Teahan  More information HERE and check out the video below.

There will also be a Breakfast morning next Tuesday the 29th of January at No 9 Cafe in Georges Court Shopping Centre in Waterford City between 9am and 12 noon.  WLRFM will also be broadcasting live.  More information HERE.  You can also check out the events page in the website where new events will be addd!
Noah’s Wish to Walk