North Quays Update April 2024

North Quays Update April 2024

North Quays Update April 2024; There’s an abundance of activity surrounding the North Quays development, with significant progress being made on various fronts. Among the most notable endeavours is the construction of a sustainable transport bridge spanning the majestic River Suir, connecting the iconic Clock Tower to the bustling community of Ferrybank. The sheer magnitude of effort poured into these projects is truly astounding, reflecting a steadfast commitment to urban renewal and infrastructure enhancement.

Witnessing the strides taken so far is nothing short of remarkable. From the inception of plans to the execution of intricate construction tasks, the journey has been one of determination and innovation. Each passing day brings tangible advancements, marking the evolution of this ambitious undertaking.

In our endeavour to keep you informed and engaged, we’re excited to share glimpses of the ongoing developments through captivating videos. These visual updates not only showcase the scale and scope of the work but also provide insights into the transformative impact it will have on the surrounding landscape and community.

The above video spotlight brings John Wilkinson and Alasdair Henderson to Waterford, Ireland. As the principal contractor for the project, BAM is helping the city realise its aspiration to become a ’15-Minute-City’, with a sustainable transport bridge at the heart of the project, connecting the north and south banks of the river in a sustainable way.

The project should be completed by 2025. It is the largest project in the county with a budget around €550m Euro.

And last but not least is a time-lapse from September 2023 to March 2024.

As an added bonus here’s a video that was taken in 1990.  The changes in the city are just amazing and it goes to show that a city is a living breathing organism the way that it grows and evolves.  There are good things to come to the city over the next few years and these changes are welcomed.


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