Stomptown Brass Bring Spectacular Show to Waterford

Stomptown Brass

by Michelle Heffernan

Stomptown Brass Bring Show Stopping Performance

“Requiem for the Truth” to Imagine Festival

Stomptown Brass
This Thursday and Friday night, the streets of Waterford will be transformed. The iconic  ten piece Stomptown Brass are coming to play. And theyre not just putting on a show, they’re putting on a funeral
Their incredible show “Requiem for the Truth” is, as strange as it may sound, a “funeral party….for the truth”
Stomptown Brass
A regular on the Irish festival circuit, Stomptown Brass have already made a name for themselves nationwide with their modern approach to New Orleans jazz swing music.  Now this unstoppable crew are taking a modern approach to musical performance, combining upbeat brass with theatre and performance, to host a “Requiem for the Truth”
“The idea came from thinking about how everyone was saying truth is “dead” now”, says Stomptown Trumpet player and Waterford native Rob Grant. At a New Orleans jazz funeral, “brass bands…lead a procession around the town, bringing the coffin to the grave…turning the funeral into a celebration”. Stomptown Brass are taking this idea and combining it with the Irish catholic tradition of Requiem Mass; “The idea,”, Rob says “is that Truth as a concept is now dead in our culture, so we should have a funeral”
The show “Requiem for the Truth” first started out with a 4 night run in the Dublin Fringe last year, and since then the band, and this show, have been topping critics choice lists.
Stomptown Brass
Stomptown brass
Speaking to Waterford in Your Pocket, Trumpet player  and Creator/Co-Director of the show, Rob Grant, reflected on what the show adds to Waterford and to the Imagine Festival  “I think it brings something different to the Imagine festival by being a cross over between a music gig, a theatre show, and a street party” he says.

Stomptown Brass
Stomptown Brass Trumpet Player and Waterford native Rob Grant

While the key feature of the funeral is Stomptown‘s upbeat soulful music, there will also be a “preacher” at the performance, leading the mass, as well as a guest artist to perform a eulogy. The cacophony of soulful brass combined with the illustrious ceremony will then climax in a full on New Orleans style street party , promising an unrivalled spectacle on Waterford streets
Rob is especially is delighted to be returning to be performing back in Waterford, bringing this extraordinary funeral party to his home streets . “ I love Waterford” says Rob, “and it has such a good music and arts scene. Its class to be a small part of that”
Tickets are already being snapped up for this unmissable performance! Book  your tickets here now for Stomptown Brass “Requiem for the Truth” this Thursday and Friday Oct 25 & 26 Christchurch Cathedral, Waterford
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