The Churchyard Sessions

The Churchyard Sessions

The Churchyard Sessions


The Reg, in partnership with Central Arts, launch “The Churchyard Sessions” on Saturday 10th June with Music Festival Favourites “Le Galaxie” – who put on a pulsating & energetic live performance of Electro/Synth/Vocals.

The Churchyard Sessions, on Baileys New Street, are a series of FREE Open Air Concerts every Saturday from 10th June to 12th August, which will also feature Scoops Music, Newfoundland and Ryan Sheridan.
The Reg is delighted to be able to bring these free events to the Waterford Viking Triangle, which follow the well-established ArtBeat programme of emerging bands every Saturday afternoon on the same stage throughout the Summer. Join us for some amazing Summer evenings with some excellent live acts.
Featuring outdoor bars and “The Reg Street Kitchen” – the Churchyard Sessions promise a great night out in a unique setting.
Do you know Le Galaxie? Do you know Le Club?
Close your eyes. It’s 2am. The ground is shaking underfoot and your fingers are pulled upwards by some invisible but very audible force. The force of a TUNE. 
Since their debut album, Le Galaxie have replicated this scene across clubs and venues, bars and fields, tents and countries, cities and towns, parties and raves. And in doing so, the band has had a multiplier effect, going from a cult following to a force. All systems are go. 
The Churchyard Sessions
Le Club is Le Galaxie’s second album. Obviously it’s amazing. How could it not be? This is a band that has broken their balls on the live circuit until something unstoppable clicked. And when it did, that was it. That moment where the spotlight hits the disco ball in that magic way that makes the entire place glitter. After their first record, Laserdisc Nights II and the leap up that was the Fade 2 Forever EP, Le Galaxie presents Le Club, mixed by DFA engineer and producer Eric Broucek. Do you want a tune? Well, you’ve got 14 of Le Galaxie’s best. This music is a feeling, and this record is what Le Galaxie have to show for love. 

Opening with ‘Put The Chain On’, a stomper of a tune which will already be familiar to the band’s live audience, Le Club progresses with the urgent ‘Humanise’, the rushing ‘Streetheart’, before bursting into the title track ‘Le Club’, a track that brings a new level of elegant and dexterous composition to Le Galaxie’s cannon. Elsewhere, ‘Love System’ is reborn with a mid-track surprise that should probably have its own wind machine. ‘Chauffeur Of Love’ traverses Jean Michele Jarre terrain, before ‘Carmen’ brings the brilliant bolshiness of what happens when Le Galaxie and MayKay of Fight Like Apes combine. In other words: an anthem.
The irreverence of the band, and their acclaimed live prowess, in some ways disguises a deeper heart, something that is explored beautifully across an album laden with awesome synths, a maturity in their ability to create exquisite beats, and also a sophisticated approach to crafting incredible pop songs that will pierce those giant sound systems in dark rooms, and the canvas of festival tents, and the smoke that fills someone’s gaff as an after party reaches that sweet spot. We’ve been waiting for the next wave. Here it is. Get on it.

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