Waterford Business can Make Rates Savings

Waterford Business can Make Rates Savings

Rates savings for Waterford Businesses Making Energy Efficiency a Priority


Waterford Business can Make Rates Savings: In April 2021, Waterford City and County Council agreed that Waterford City would be the designated Decarbonising Zone for Waterford.  Acting as a “Transition Super-Lab”, where real life initiatives to manage the transition from a fossil fuel based local economy to carbon Net Zero will be designed and implemented, the DZ projects include building energy efficiency, sustainable transport, renewable energy generation and carbon sequestration.

To achieve this aim will require a very significant shift in how all businesses and the wider community source and use energy, with the aim of substantially reducing energy derived from carbon-based fuels.

As part of the approach, Waterford City and County Council will be seeking to engage with and support businesses as they transition towards carbon neutrality.  The first initiative in 2022 is a discount on the Rates bills for ratepayers whose annual bill is less than €10,000 or operate in the hospitality industry, subject to participation in a short online energy training programme which will include a brief questionnaire.

Applicants who complete the program will have the equivalent of the 5% rates increase due in 2022 credited to their account. The training takes just 10 minutes and on completion of the course the businesses will be able to download information on the grants and supports that are available to them in their efforts to save energy.

Accounts must also be fully paid, and the training must be completed by September 30th 2022 to avail of the discount.

Businesses can register for the training by visiting https://submit.link/16z

Waterford Business can Make Rates Savings