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Waterford Stylewatch

Waterford Stylewatch is back with more covetable looks spotted on the streets of Waterford City.
Waterford Stylewatch
Name: Saoirse Keating
Occupation: Architecture Student
What are you wearing? My shoes are from shoe rack, my top is from The Vintage Factory, The coat and bag are from TK Maxx and my jeans are from Penneys
How would you describe your style? I try not to describe it really- I was once referred to as “hipster goth”-not sure if I like that!
What influences your style? The only thing I could say influences it is Instagram, I just buy what I like really
If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe who would it be ?Jeffree Star for sure, just to look at everything!
What is your favourite place to shop in Waterford? TK Maxx
What would you say has been your best buy? I have two! A long black trench coat I got on Pretty Little Thing, and a pair of Dr. Martens I got when I was 14 that I still get complimented on.
Waterford Stylewatch
Name: Aoife Power
Occupation:  I’m a  Fashion/Beauty Blogger at Leather Confessions and I also work in Retail
What are you wearing?   My skirt & runners are from Penneys, my T-shirt is from a  market stall and my sunglasses are from Oxfam Charity  Shop
How would you describe your style? : I’d describe my style as a mixed bag of street, feminine and quirky.
Where is your favourite place to shop in Waterford? Of course Penneys, can’t avoid the place. Also the charity shops and The Vintage Factory.
 Who are your style icons? I’m obsessed with Ann Marie’s (singer) street-style and UK blogger Megan Ellaby.
 What has been, in your opinion, your worst fashion decision? I keep thinking back to when I wore flared jeans that had a cut out flower pattern with a blue tiedye hem. I was young and ignorant of taste it seemed.
Are there any trends you love or hate right now? I’m loving animal print lately. It can be a bit of an overkill as it’s everywhere but with the right piece it can be so timeless.
What item of clothing/accessory do you think is always a good investment for any fashionista? 100% the right pair of jeans, a statement coat and boots. Our weather in Ireland we need these throughout the year so finding the right pieces will keep us going for years.
You can follow Aoife’s style on her blog www.leatherconfessions.com or @leatherconfessions on Facebook/Instagram
If you would like to be featured in Waterford Stylewatch, or would like to nominate someone to be featured, get in touch on waterfordinyourpocket@gmail.com