We need to teach our children how to be resilient


We need to teach our children how to be resilient

With Kidspace Learning

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You don’t have to look too far these days to see a child struggle with every-day challenges.  Whether it is friendship concerns, school pressures, or the fear of failure when trying new things. These challenges have been around for decades but in these times it seems harder for our children to cope and manage their emotions when faced with a challenge.
As parents, we try our best to help our children to persevere and make the right choices. However, with so much information out there it can be hard to know whether you’re doing the right thing, doing enough or doing too much for your child!
Kidspace Learning
Research shows children who are more resilient can overcome obstacles, persevere when problems arise, bounce back from challenges and are therefore happier, more confident and have a higher likelihood of long term success in life. Resilience is defined as how well a person can adapt and ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges and the great news is resilience can be taught and improved!
At Kidspace Learning we teach children how to become more resilient. We open their minds to their endless potential and provide them with the tools needed to cope with everyday challenges. We also provide parents with the knowledge and awareness required to bring our programmes to life in the home. Our programmes are fun and interactive with each objective delivered through games, role-play, discussion, group work, independent thought, art and storytelling.
Since launching our programme late last year, feedback from parents has been very positive:

  • ‘A really relevant programme for young people in todays’ society’
  • ‘My son absolutely loved the programme. He ran in each week and was so eager to join in – which up to now wouldn’t be his first response to new things. Grew in confidence and loved Elaine.’

Our next ‘Resilience – I Can Do It Programme’ commences on 2nd March, for more details visit our website at www.kidspacelarning.com

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