We’re all saints out here

we're all saints out here

“We’re all saints out here!”

A social history film on St. Johns Park delivers some of the most interesting stories you’ll hear.

We’re all saints out here is a new documentary film that explores the lives and history of the people who moved to St. Johns Park in the late 50’s and early 60’s in Waterford City. The film also explores the making of a community and some of the stories from the area.
Looking back and remembering Waterford in the by gone days has been a great interest to many people.  Sitting around with our parents and grandparents and families listing to story’s of ‘long ago’ and how things were back in the old days, was always a time of happy memories. As Jim Nolan playwright says “Any education I needed for being a playwright, I got in John’s Park – and I’m proud to say it”.

It’s fantastic to have such an insight into what Waterford was like a few generations ago and I suppose it’s all down to modern technology that we have such a fantastic medium to be able to share our stories and the stories of our parents with the world.  A massive thanks to Waterford Youth Arts and the Imagine Arts Festival for some fantastic memories.
This is the fourth film in the series following Barrack Street (2013), Ballybricken (2014) and Down the Town (2015) and was funded through support from Waterford City and County Council Arts Office. You can see all of them in a piece we did called Remembering Waterford by clicking on the link!
So sit back and relax and enjoy the stories of yester year from the good people of St John’s Park.

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