What's up for Grabs

What's Up for Grabs

What’s up for Grabs.  New Waterford Business

What’s up for Grabs is a new business in Waterford City. What’s up for grabs is a Competition Business.
What is a competition business you ask?  Well, it’s very simple. It is a business where our goal is to make your dream purchase a reality. We will do this by providing our customers with a chance to win cars, electronics, tools, holidays, etc. Prizes that people would not normally be able to afford or justify spending the money on.  The more competitions that we can hold the bigger the prizes will get so please tell your family, friends and whoever will help us grow this exciting new business.
What's Up for Grabs

How “What’s up for Grabs” works.

You head over to the website to find a prize or prizes you would like to enter. Answer a skill-based question and buy a ticket. Once all tickets are sold a live draw is done on Facebook for all the entrants. If you’re the winner you will get the prize.  The faster we sell the tickets the more prizes we can give out. Get on over and buy some tickets

” What’s up for Grabs” and who runs it.

Gary Peter and Fabu-D run What’s up for grabs competitions.
Gary Peter owns Nonstop Karting in Waterford City.  He has always wanted to run competitions where people can win great prizes that people only dream.
Fabu-D is based in Kildare. He is a Comedian that has made thousands happy with his many viral videos. He has over 230,000 followers on facebook. This is his way to give back to all his fans that have been watching him over the years.

Prizes on the website at the moment. Go join our website.

Xbox one s £2.00 @350 Tickets
Apple Airpods £2.50 @150 Tickets
£500 or Euro Equivalent £2.99 @250 Tickets
Website https://whatsupforgrabs.co.uk/live-competitions/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whatsupforgrabs