A Great day out with Nonstop Karting Waterford

Nonstop Karting Waterford

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A Great day out with Nonstop Karting Waterford


Looking For A Day Out In Waterford

With Christmas upon us, many families and businesses are searching for things to do in Waterford to keep kids and staff happy ensuring the festive period is enjoyed as it should be. A day out in Waterford would ideally provide everyone the ability to get involved in the activity so that no-one is left out. Enter Nonstop Karting (NSK) Waterford for the ideal thing to do in Waterford over the festive period.

Who are NSK Waterford?

NSK Waterford is an indoor Go-Kart track founded in 2017 and NSK stands for Non-Stop Karting. Since our inception in Waterford we have found that the demand for Indoor Go-Karting in Waterford is extremely high, probably because it is something that the entire family can enjoy together, that can be used for team-building purposes, staff days out as well as being used for the race fanatics and speed demons who want a competitive environment to boost their driving skills in.

What can I do at Nonstop Karting?

We offer a few options to ensure that we tailor for anyone over the age of 5 who wants to experience some serious adrenaline-fuelled fun!
Everyone starts the Go Karting Session (This Is Mandatory) with one of our instructors and will be instructed regarding the rules and use of the Go Kart Track in the pre-drive briefing. Drivers are then taken to the drivers’ only area where they are given the correct sized race overalls to protect themselves and their clothing, Go Karting Gloves and finally given one of our professional Go Karting Helmets.
Once drivers are prepped in the rules and dressed for the occasion, they are taken to the pit lane of the Go Kart Track to be shown how to operate the Go Kart itself.

For safety purposes, we always ensure that one of our race officials are on the track at all times keeping watch for any possible dangers and to help avoid possible collisions.

Nonstop Karting Waterford
Standard racing for the best times is ideal for families and less competitive drivers who would like to enjoy the buzz of a Go Karting session. This is the perfect option for young families and children who cannot drive but would like to experience the thrill of the karts using our Twin Seat Karts.

The Twin Seat Karts also allows us to provide services to students with disabilities who would like to enjoy the adrenaline kick as well.

For the more competitive individuals, we offer the Grand Prix which is a race format, where you begin by doing up to 10 practice laps before then competing for 16 qualifying laps which will determine what your starting position will be in the race. We then go on to set up a 45 Lap race which is where the Grand Prix really begins. At the end of the Grand Prix, we will determine who the winner is and Trophies or Champaign will then be given out to the top 3 places.
The team endurance race is an ideal team building exercise where groups are split into teams that race against each other, the team with the most laps at the end of the endurance race is the winner. We calculate the winner by combining each individual lap times from their team to give us a total time, we then compare this to the opposing teams. This really is the perfect team-building event for the larger groups.

How many people can Go Kart?

Our facilities allow us to provide for groups as little as 2 and as many as 50! We have 14 x Sodi 270cc Adult Go Karts, 6 x TB 160cc Junior Go Karts and 2 x TB Twin Seat Biposto 270cc Go Karts.

What do people say after they have been go-karting at Non-Stop karting Waterford?

We often get feedback from first-time users of the track saying it is very fast and enjoyable and then looking to book in for a second session straight away. Like any adrenaline-fuelled activity Go Karting with us can become quite addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn ye!
Nonstop Karting Waterford

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Where is Non-Stop Karting Go Kart Track Located?

The Non-Karting Waterford indoor Go Kart track is located at on Cleaboy Road, Waterford city which is a stones throw from the WIT Sports Campus making it extremely easy to find us. You can also look us up on Facebook by going to https://www.facebook.com/nonstopkarting/ and you can also find us on Instagram by going to www.Instagram.com/nonstop_karting
Nonstop Karting Waterford

How does someone book a day out at Non-Stop Karting when looking for something to do in Waterford?

To book your day out at Non-Stop Karting Waterford you can call 083 8565037 and ask for Gary, email at nonstopkarting@gmail.com or alternatively visit the Non-Stop Karting Waterford website at www.NonStopKarting.ie and visit the Contact Us page to have one of our team call you back to book your session or answer your queries.