Beauty Dies Where Litter Lies

Beauty Dies Where Litter Lies

The Power of the Community

All throughout Waterford communities have come together to tackle littering in our beautiful countryside.  Over the past few weeks we have often shared Facebook posts from various groups around Waterford and the amazing volunteer work that they do.  We caught up with the ‘Kilmeaden Litter Lifters’ who have carried out some amazing work in their local area.

Beauty Dies Where Litter Lies

‘Kilmeaden Litter Lifters are a group of volunteers who over the past 5 weeks have collected 178 Bags of Litter in the Kilmeaden – Ballyduff areas in County Waterford.

Forever plagued with fast food waste, plastic bottles, coffee cups etc, these volunteers had one goal in mind, To give this beautiful area of Waterford back its dignity and rid the area of unwanted litter. Now that this litter has been cleared, it is hoped that with the help of these local volunteers, this area will maintain its present beauty.

Beauty Dies Where Litter LiesThe Power of One.

However, it is hoped that the people who discard this binable litter, will think twice about disposing of items that are small enough to bring home and put in a bin. It is heartwarming to hear and see other groups in Waterford taking pride in their areas and having similar clean ups.

The Waterford City and County Council Environmental Officer has been to the fore in helping the Kilmeaden project and the group wishes to acknowledge her assistance, and also the assistance of the Council workers who have collected the bags of litter’.

Beauty Dies Where Litter LiesWe can all do our bit.

It doesn’t take much to bring our rubbish home with us.  If we all do our little bit, could you imagine what we could achieve?  Not only is litter unsightly but it does real damage to the environment and often kills out native wildlife.  So whether you are in the country side or at the coast you can get involved in so many ways.  You can start in your local area with friends and family or even as part of the community.  You can also do so much as an individual.

Here’s a great idea from and their campaign for #2minutebeachclean.  You can get more information HERE. There is also a great programme here for the family and especially called ‘Take 3 from the Sea’  You can access it HERE.

We here at Waterford In Your Pocket want to thank each and everyone of you who have done so much to keep Waterford beautiful.

Together we can make things happen.

Beauty Dies Where Litter Lies