Blue Monday – How to Beat the Blues

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Did you know that the 3rd Monday in January (15th of January in 2018) is called Blue Monday?  It’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. It’s the anti climax after the Christmas season and the holidays being over and a whole raft of things that give us the winter blues.  There is even a formula for it!
Blue Monday
Having read into it the reason that researchers picked Monday was that most of us hate the fact that we have to go back to work after the weekend and we’re back to the rat race with school runs and all that the working week entails.  It’s the dark nights and the lack of sunshine in winter that drives us all mad and leaves us longing for the long evenings of the summer, which is only around the corner. Low sunlight can also mean less vitamin D which can also result in us feeling low.  Remember that the 1st of February has always been classed as the first day of spring.
So how do we get over these winter time blues and say good bye to Blue Monday?  Believe it or not it’s all in our power to do something about it!   And they are simple things that you can do to break the blues.
Eat well
Get out and take in your surroundings
Get enough sleep
Be sociable
Set goals for yourself (we did a post on goal setting which you can access HERE)
Listen to music
We thought you might like the sound of these waves at the Copper Coast here in Waterford to help cheer you up.

The list goes on and on.  The main thing is that we have to be proactive to beat the blues rather than reactive so let’s do something about Blue Monday and make them into happy Mondays!

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