Check Your Name on the Map

Check our your name on the map

Check Your Name on the Map; Every now and again you come across a website that is not just informative but really fun too.  If you have ever thought about tracing your Irish heritage then you know that it can be a fascinating journey. We came across a tool that can help with your journey and that is a surname map.

Surname maps are visual representations of the distribution of specific surnames within a geographical area. They can be incredibly useful for genealogy research, as they can provide insight into where a particular surname originated and how it spread throughout a region.

One website that offers surname maps for Ireland is This website offers a variety of different maps that depict the distribution of Irish surnames in the 19th-20th century. These maps are based on data from the 1901-1911 Irish censuses, which were conducted by the British government.

Check our your name on the map
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One of the benefits of these maps is that they provide a detailed look at the distribution of surnames in Ireland at a specific point in history. This can be particularly useful for those with Irish heritage, as it can help to narrow down the location of ancestors and provide a starting point for further research.

The website also offers a feature that allows users to search for a specific surname and see where it was most commonly found in Ireland during the 19th-20th century. It also allows you to see a breakdown of the frequency of the surname in each county, which can be very useful for understanding the origins of the surname.

The site also shows you the surname in Irish and derivatives of the name which may amaze you as often we don’t associate our names with others.

Surname maps can be a valuable tool for those researching their Irish heritage and is a great starting point if you are interested in looking into your family history. It is so easy to use and everyone in the family will enjoy it.

Check Your Name on the Map at and see the wide range of maps and search features that can provide a deeper understanding of the origins and spread of Irish surnames.

Check our your name on the map