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Eat Local

Is it so hard to eat locally grown produce?

Eat Local, Waterford
Now that the Waterford Harvest Festival is upon us I challenge each and every one of you to buy only local produce this weekend in the “Eating Waterford Challenge”.  I took on the challenge last year and you can read how I got on at Eating Waterford.
We have all done it. We go into a supermarket and we pick up something that we like and throw it in the trolley or basket without looking at the expiry date or where the product even comes from.  We all know our brands and by choosing a brand we think that we are getting the best of the best.  Supermarkets have copped onto this too and you will see their “luxury” brands everywhere in their stores; whether it be “Farmer so’n’so” or “Mammy Maggie”, the brands are made to look as wholesome and as inviting as possible.
But did you know that it takes us an average of just 8 seconds to choose a product?  Yes 8 seconds! That might seem like a long time but when you realise the vast selection of produce that we see in any supermarket then 8 seconds isn’t very long.  Many of us (the lazy ones which at times includes me) will buy massively processed items which often work out more expensive than buying fresh produce and making a meal from scratch.

Harvest Festival 2015 – Compilation from Emagine on Vimeo.
Here’s an example, Spaghetti Bolognese.  Is it better to buy a jar of sauce or to buy a couple of tins of tomatoes and make your own sauce? Well with the jar you just pour it into the pot and that’s it where as with the tinned tomatoes (or even fresh tomatoes that you can buy locally and eat local) you have to add a few spices.  Now that sounds like a lot of work! Sorry I’m having a little giggle to myself. But you see my point.  If we buy local it’s only healthier for you, it’s fresher and don’t forget you are supporting local jobs.

Eat Local Buy Local

We are so lucky in the Emerald Isle and indeed Waterford that we have so much produced locally and that means that we can have a choice and yes you can eat local!  Choice is so important!  Would you prefer to eat frozen cardboard or fish that is full of antibiotics and are band from being sold in other countries but is readily available here, or local products that are fresh and come from only out the road?  I know what I would take!
So this weekend, where ever you are living, take the challenge and eat local and if you are lucky enough to be in Waterford I challenge you to start “Eating Waterford” and eat local!
Enjoy the challenge!
Eat Local

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