Museums in Waterford


Museums in Waterford

If you have ever visited Waterford or indeed plan a visit then the museums in Waterford are a must.  Between Reginalds Tower, the Medieval Museum and Bishops Palace in the city you are in for a journey through our 110o year history.  From the arrival of the Vikings right up to modern day, the story that’s told by the museums collectively known as Waterford Treasures is truly amazing.

Medieval Museum

The award winning and Ireland’s only purpose built Medieval Museum with its beautiful curved façade of sand stone is a must for your bucket list.  The guided tours are amazing.  The tour guides are dressed in the attire of the day and are full of not just historical facts but interesting stories about Waterford and indeed Ireland
For more information on the Medieval Museum and to book a tour then click HERE

Reginald’s Tower

Reginald’s Tower is Waterford’s landmark monument and Ireland’s oldest civic building. It has been in continuous use for over 800 years.  The tower now houses an exhibition on Viking Waterford.  Did you know that Waterford has the largest collection of Medieval walls in Ireland? There are still six towers in existence with Reginald’s Tower the jewel in the crown of our Viking and Norman heritage.  The Tower had many uses from an mint to a prison but today the permanent exhibition of our Viking past tells the story of what life was link in Waterford a millennium ago.

To find out more about Reginald’s Tower click HERE

Bishops Palace

‘The Mall is a beautiful walk, about 200 yards long… facing it stands the Bishop’s Palace, which not only adds a considerable beauty … the Palace is a fine building of hewn stone, with two fronts, that next to the Mall is beautifully ornamented with a handsome portico.’ (Charles Smith’s History, 1746)
The Bishop’s Palace displays the treasures of Georgian and Victorian Waterford.  The Palace which was built in 1743 is laid out like a period house with ornate and historic furniture along with portraits and the oldest piece of Waterford Glass on display.

For more information on the Bishops Palace please click HERE
So our advice to locals and visitors alike is to plan a visit to the Museums of Waterford and Waterford Treasures.

Searching for Viking History

Sölvi Fannar and actor and film maker from Iceland recently came to Waterford to find out more information about his Viking ancestors and made this short documentary .

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