Runway Extension at Waterford Airport

Runway Extension at Waterford Airport
A site notice was posted on Saturday last (28th of July 2018) by Waterford Regional Airport PLC,  seeking planning permission to extend the runway at Waterford Airport form the current length of 1,433 meters to 2,245 meters and widening from 30 meters to 45 meters and widening of the taxiway area connecting the runway to the Airport Terminal.   .
Permission is also being sought to build a new 205 space car park to the east of the existing car park.
A longer runway and wider would mean that Waterford Airport would be able to accommodate larger aircraft such as Boeing 737’s.
At the moment the Airport has no scheduled flights from Waterford but with an extension to the runway it is hoped that a new carrier can be found.
2016 was the last year that Waterford had a scheduled service with VLM.  Let’s hope that the only way is up for Waterford Airport.Runway Extension at Waterford Airport