Dunmore Cliff Walk

Dunmore East is a gem at the mouth of the Waterford Estuary. A fishing village with an old world quality and fresh air to rejuvenate the soul. The Dunmore East Cliff Walk starts at the back of the “Old Convent” and reaches as far as Portally Cove to the west of the village. The path is sign posted from a small parking area at the back of the convent. The walk brings you across a path that is easily navigable and does not bring you close to the cliffs but as with all coastal walks caution is advised in high winds.

The beautiful Red Sandstone know locally as Pudding Stone was used in the building of the lighthouse and harbour in the 1800’s and provides a nesting paradise for birds such as Kittiwakes, Fulmars and other gulls. You will also see Cormorants and Shags along the way and you may even see the elusive Chough a crow like bird with a red beak that is becoming rarer these days.

The view out to see is nothing short of breathtaking and even though the walk takes around half an hour one way you will find yourself often standing and looking out to sea or sitting on one of the benches along the way just to take in the majesty of the surroundings.

The walk from Dunmore East takes you to the picturesque cove of Portally which in itself is a hidden gem. Now you have two options, you can either walk back on the road to Dunmore East of you can head back over the cliffs. Heading back over the cliffs is normally the better option as you may see things that you didn’t see on the initial walk. You may also be one of the lucky ones to see a seal, which often bask in the sun on the rocks at the waters edge and don’t forget to keep a watchful eye out for water plumes of passing dolphins and whales.

The Dunmore East Cliff Walk is not suitable for prams and buggies as there are some steps to and inclines to navigate. After your walk there are plenty of places to have a bite to eat have a cuppa or even a pint!

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Trail Metrics

Distance: 2km
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
High Point / Ascent: 30m/25m
Terrain: Unlevel pathways
Required Gear: Walking shoes, rain jacket
Nearest Town: Dunmore East
Lat/Lon: 52° 8′ 40.92″, -6° 59′ 41.0814″

Dunmore Cliff Walk

Dunmore East Cliff Walk, The Flatrocks, Coxtown East, Dunmore East, County Waterford, Ireland
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