Dunmore East Beaches

Dunmore East serves as one of Waterford’s most popular tourist attractions and remains a prominent area for fishing. Dunmore is lucky to have so many sheltered and picturesque coves where excellent swimming and snorkeling activities can be enjoyed. The most popular are Councillors – a south facing beach between lofty red sandstone cliffs, and Lawlors – right by the village.

There are other coves in Dunmore East hidden and secluded but waiting to be explored. These are Stony Cove, Ladies Cove, Mens Cove, and Badgers Cove, which make for excellent places to swim and to snorkel. It is no wonder that these coves were used in olden days by smugglers.

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Dunmore East Beaches

Coole Cottage, Dock Rd, Nymphhall, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland
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