Sean Egan Art Glass

Sean Egan Art Glass was set up in April 2009 by Sean Egan, a Master Engraver with Waterford Crystal for 35 years. When Waterford Crystal ceased manufacturing in Waterford City in January 2009, Sean opened his own business, as a freelance crystal engraver, and is based in Kite Design Studio, Henrietta Street in Waterford City.

His aim is to keep the age old skill of copper wheel engraving on crystal alive in Waterford and Ireland. An age old craft which has been practiced in Waterford for many decades, Sean was passionate that the skill would not be left to die. Using tiny copper wheels, Sean engraves his designs on blank crystal. Engraving on glass is like an optical illusion, like leaving a footprint in the sand and crystal, with its brilliant light and subtle shadows, is the perfect medium for the elegant beauty of engraving. It has a unique 3d effect on glass. Each touch on the wheel brings to life an image that seems frozen within the crystal. Each touch gives life and expression to the inspired subject.

Sean’s designs are depictions of nature, particularly marine life and wildlife, landscapes and historical monuments. All Sean’s artwork is designed and hand engraved by him, and no two pieces are exactly the same. “As a freelance engraver, I take my inspiration for my designs from everything around me”.

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Sean Egan Art Glass

Sean Egan Art Glass, Waterford, Ireland
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