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T•Bay Surf & Eco Centre

Tramore Bay Surf School was established back in 1967 when surfing was first introduced into Ireland. The school is approved by the Irish Surfing Association & European Surfing Federation. All of our coaches are certified by the Irish Surfing Association and are qualified lifeguards. We are fully insured.

The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre offers the most comprehensive surfing lesson available in Ireland. No other surf school can offer the facilities or the passion for teaching surfing here in Tramore or anywhere else for that matter. Our facilities are the best in Ireland and provide you with a safe, convenient (the only surf school right on the beach in Tramore), and comfortable environment from which to begin your surfing oddysey!

Our aim is to provide you or your group with an initial surf lesson that gives such a solid foundation that it should be all you need to continue on and become a proficient Surfer through good old fashioned practice.

The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre dedicates itself not only to surf instruction and surf etiquette, but also to ecological awareness and responsibility. The Centre is situated right in the middle of 4 distinct ecological zones,as well as nationally designated areas of protection which make it a perfect starting point for Eco Hikes in the area. The Backstrand & Dune Area of Tramore Bay enjoys three distinct area designations:

  • SPA – “Special Aarea of Protection” for a variety of migratory and indiginous bird species that inhabit the area.
  • SAC – “Special Area of Conservation” to protect fish, shellfish, fauna and water quality that tie in as food systems and habitat for bird and aquatic life.
  • NHA – “National Heritage Area” established for preservation of the Neolithic Midden (Kitchen), once home to Neolithic Man within the Dune system.

Depending on preference and tide, your group might go out to learn about and experience one of the four following Environs unique to Tramore Bay.

T•Bay Surf & Eco Centre

Promenade, Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland
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