Tweets of the Week from #Waterford

Tweets of the Week from #Waterford

Tweets of the Week from #Waterford
We thought we’d have a look back at what tweets were being sent out using #Waterford in the past few days. Here are a few that we thought were good.
It’s great when the IDA tweets about Waterford

And people seem to agree with the message from the video!

People seem to be singing the praises of Waterford this week and why wouldn’t they?

With Bobby Butchers closing it’s doors the message here is to make sure you shop local!

The Peace Proms with the Cross Border Orchestra were at WIT Arena last weekend and what a show it was!

We have some amazing street art in the city!

Singing the praises of the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore

Don’t forget to buy your Waterford strip!

Did you know that there are 36 Waterford’s in the world? But some of them use the same hastag! Aaaagh

We have an amazing coastline in Waterford and we forget at times that it’s a long one!

We have some great young talent in Waterford

If you’re in business then you might like to know more about customs (you never know what Brexit will bring)

Waterford Theatre Archive is a brilliant resource

So that was just a little taster of some of the tweets from the past few days don’t forget to use #Waterford on twitter and Instagram!