What is Waterford In Your Pocket?

Waterford In Your Pocket

So whats it all about?  Many of you will know of Waterford In Your Pocket (WIYP) from our facebook page where we share photos and events in Waterford and now we have a dedicated website that we hope will help you to enjoy and explore what we have on offer here in Waterford.

It all started a last year when we were searching for things to do in Waterford on google. We found that the information we were getting was, well, a little disjointed and to be honest all over the place. When we found a photo of a beautiful area that we wanted to visit there were no directions and often the photo didn’t even say where the location was. So out of this the idea for Waterford In Your Pocket was born.

But why the name Waterford In Your Pocket I hear you ask? Well in today’s information world the majority of people have smart phones and because of this you can access information anywhere so we had the idea of giving you Waterford, in your pocket? Clever or what?

Its very hard to get a lot of information in one place so this is why Waterford In Your Pocket will be a site that will grow over time. There is so much on offer in Waterford that we will make every effort to inform you about as much as we can.

There is golf, horse riding, fishing, water sports, which includes kayaking, surfing, swimming, diving and sea paddling. There is hiking, birdwatching, history, culture, music, the arts, theatre, food and the list goes on. We have a fantastic choice of hotels and B&Bs throughout the county and we have a range of award winning restaurants that will delight even the most discerning foodies. Pubs and clubs are also in great supply so your evening entertainment needs are well catered for.

Waterford is fast becoming famous for our festivals and we have some of the best in Ireland like Spraoi, Harvest Festival, West Waterford Festival of Food, Lismore Immrama. Waterford Truck Show, Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival, Tramore Prom Festival and many many more. So you see there is something for everyone in Waterford and our aim is to tell the world about it!

Waterford In Your Pocket is all about you, its all about Waterford so if you have any event or information that you would like to share then please get in contact with us so we can tell others.