Deposit Return Scheme From February 1st

Deposit Return Scheme

Important Information About the Deposit Return Scheme Starting in February

Deposit Return Scheme: From the 1st of February 2024, Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme becomes operational. Under this scheme, whenever you purchase a drink in a plastic bottle or aluminium can displaying the Re-turn logo, you’ll pay an extra refundable deposit along with the drink’s price. Re-turn, the scheme’s operator, offers valuable guidance for consumers as the launch date approaches.

When Do I Pay the Deposit?

Starting on February 1st, drinks sold in plastic bottles and cans featuring the Re-turn logo will hit stores nationwide. These containers will require you to pay a fully refundable deposit on top of the product’s price. Once you’ve finished your drink, you can return the empty, undamaged container to any participating store or supermarket across the country.

To minimise waste, for a limited time, some plastic bottles and cans without the Re-turn logo will still be available after February 1st. Since no deposit is charged on these, you can dispose of them in recycling bins.

How Much is the Deposit?

You’ll pay a 15-cent deposit for containers ranging from 150ml to 500ml and a 25-cent deposit for containers over 500ml up to 3 litres.

Where Can I Return My Bottles and Cans?

Most retailers nationwide have registered for the Deposit Return Scheme and have set up designated return points. You can return your empty, undamaged plastic bottles and cans to these participating stores and supermarkets either through Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) or manually, over the counter.

Starting on February 1st, our website will feature a map indicating the locations of deposit return points.

How Do I Get My Deposit Back?

You’ll get your deposit refunded when you return the empty, undamaged plastic bottle or can with the Re-turn logo to participating stores and supermarkets nationwide. If you use a reverse vending machine, you’ll receive a voucher redeemable at the till or as a cash refund. If returning over the counter, retailers will check for the Re-turn logo and the condition of the container before providing a refund. Remember not to crush or squeeze the bottles and cans.

Deposit Return Scheme
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When Can I Return?

The scheme goes live in early February. From then on, you’ll be charged the refundable deposit on containers with the Re-turn logo. After finishing your drinks, return the containers to participating stores and supermarkets nationwide for a full deposit refund.

Before the scheme starts, please refrain from storing containers as those without the Re-turn logo won’t be eligible for a refund since no deposit was paid.

Can I Still Use My Recycling Bins for Plastic Bottles?

While you should use recycling bins for mixed dry recyclables, please return plastic bottles and cans with the Re-turn logo to participating stores and supermarkets to redeem your deposit. Separate collection ensures high-quality recycling with no cross-contamination. Deposit Return has proven successful in increasing recycling rates in other European countries.

What’s Not Included in the Scheme?

Not all drink containers qualify for Deposit Return. Only PET plastic bottles, aluminium and steel cans from 150ml to 3 litres with the Re-turn logo are included. Items not covered by the scheme include dairy drinks in plastic containers or cartons, steel and tin cans containing food, and containers for cleaning supplies. Dispose of these items in recycling bins.

Glass drink containers are also not part of the scheme and should be recycled as usual at glass and bottle banks.

Why is Ireland Launching a Deposit Return Scheme?

The Deposit Return Scheme is a practical circular economy initiative aimed at creating a closed-loop recycling system. The EU has set targets for Ireland to collect and separate plastic beverage bottles, and Deposit Return is a proven method to increase recycling rates, aligning with these goals.

For further questions, Re-turn has provided an FAQ page on their website and encourages reaching out to for any additional queries.