Digitally Rembering a Loved One

Digitally Remembered

Digitally Rembering a Loved One

Recently I was in a conversation with a few friends when one mentioned that a birthday reminder for a friend was on his Facebook page.  Now there is nothing unusual in that only that this birthday was of a friend who had passed away earlier this year which got us talking about how we go about Digitally Rembering a Loved One .
For many people these notifications are a great way to remember friends or family that have passed but it can be upsetting for some.   Most social media companies give you the option to either delete a profile of someone who has passed or in the case of Facebook you can make their page a memorial.  This works by Facebook putting ‘Remembering’ before the loved ones name on their profile.  You can also have a legacy contact on Facebook which is someone you choose to look after your account if it’s memorialised.
Digitally Remembered
To remember your friends and family in this way looking back at old photos, posts and stories is a great way to keep all these treasured memories safe
So here are the links that you will need.
What will happen to my Facebook account if I pass away?
Facebook talks you through the whole process HERE
What is a legacy contact on Facebook?
Find out how to become a lagacy contact HERE
You can also contact Twitter to deactivate an account
Twitter gives you the chance to deactivate an account HERE
Linkedin will tell you how to deactivate an account
“Deceased LinkedIn Member – Removing Profile
Unfortunately, there may be a time when you come across the profile of a colleague, classmate, or loved one who has passed away. If this happens, we can close that person’s account and remove their profile on your behalf”. Linkedin March 2014
Memories are so important to each and everyone of us and I do hope that these links help you to remember friends and family. Digitally Rembering a Loved One can be a great way to look after their personal memories.
Digitally Remembered

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