Who Doesn't Love Sundays?


Who Doesn’t Love Sundays?
Ah Sunday.  Who Doesn’t Love Sundays? A day of rest, a day to have a sleep in, a day to do whatever you want.  Or is it.  Many of us look forward to the one day where we can have a family day or just be downright lazy and catch up on our box sets.  Did you ever say to yourself that the next Sunday is going to be different?   We’re getting up early, having a great breakfast, go for a walk and get out into nature. And then it all goes to belly up.
The hangover
The less said about this the better but let us just say we all know about this!

The kids
Even though the younger one’s interrupt your slumber at a time in the morning where you feel you are only after getting into bed the older ones are often the ones you can’t seem to get out of the bed.  This is always the first hurdle (you’re smiling at this because you know it’s true).

I think that parents are part of a worldwide experiment to prove that sleep is not crucial to human life.


And then when you do get them out of bed the fun starts!

The Breakfast
You have a beautiful breakfast planned.  Included in that breakfast is peace and quiet.  A romantic half hour that you can spend with the better half.

But does it ever turn out that way?  The kids are often shouting and screaming and don’t want to eat what you have planned.  I heard this story where a mother asked her son “Why do you eat so fast”?  to which he replied, “Mammy, I want to eat as much as possible before I lose my appetite”.
But the reality is often different.

Getting Ready for the Walk.
So breakfast is finished and we finally are ready for our walk on a fresh autumn morning but then you find no one wants to go! Not even the dog!

Whatever about the kids and the dog the husband doesn’t want to go either because a football match or highlights are starting on TV.

So you’re resigned to the fact that a walk is not happening.  So what to do?  You start getting the Sunday dinner ready.

All you want is a nice family dinner.

But the reality is often different

So with dinner over we eventually get out for a Sunday trip

So what do we do after our family outing?  Movie time

And you find you’re too tired to stay away and watch the whole movie.

It’s only then that you realise that tomorrow is Monday!

But we know the weekend is on the way again and this time it’s going to be different

So here’s to next weekend!  Enjoy the week ahead.

Remember what Forest Gump always said

My momma always said,

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Have a great week folks.