Waterford Cream Recipe

Waterford Cream Recipe

Waterford Cream Recipe, easy to make and so easy on the taste buds.

So easy to make and a tantalising trip for your taste buds why not try this Waterford Cream Recipe.
Some years back we posted a recipe for Irish Cream on the Waterford In Your Pocket facebook page which was shared and shared and shared.

The same happened the following year with many people asking us in the run up to Christmas for the recipe again.

So with the popularity in mind we thought that this year we would share it on our website to make it easier to share with your friends and family and to make sure that you have a little taste of Waterford in your hearts.
Waterford Cream Recipe
A little known fact is that Irish Cream was actually first made in Waterford and was known as ‘Waterford Cream Liqueur’.

Waterford Cream Recipe

Out of this came the world famous Baileys and the rest as they say is history!

Cream Liqueur became so popular that there are many imitations out there.  Some use a whiskey or even whisky, that would not be of a good standard shall we say (at this point we have to point out that this is our own opinion).

This is a Waterford Cream Recipe that was used by my Dad and was made every Christmas. I have to say that we still make it every year without fail! It’s easy to make and even more enjoyable to drink.

So here’s the Waterford Cream Recipe

1 small can of sweetened condensed milk
1 – 3/4 cup Irish whiskey (Irish whiskey is with an “e”) around 150ml
1 cup cream around 200ml
1 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp boiling water and let cool.
1 tsp vanilla extract ( you don’t actually have to add this as it is a personal taste

You can put in a mixer or you can give it a good whisk!!! Should last for a while in the fridge.

Our Tip

Don’t forget, you can also make ice cubes out of it to put in your glass of Whiskey or even your coffee. Remember to use a good Irish Whiskey. There are many of them on the market.
But remember not to drink too much of it, after all it is alcohol.

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