5 Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say

Five Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say

By Michelle Heffernan
It goes without saying that if you hail from the Deise there are certain things  you’ll take pride in, stand up for or, would be exiled by your mother if she ever heard you mention! Here are Five Things You’ll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say

It’s just a bit of bread…

Five Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say
JUST BREAD? Anyone from Waterford, whether you’ve left long ago or live in the same house on Mayor’s Walk ,KNOWS, that a BLAA is so much more than a regular bit of bread. Many a morning has been spent daydreaming in school for the moment the butter melts on that floury delicacy, the smooth, sometimes sweet taste of the soft doughy interior, or the crunchy, chewy bite into that browned and beautiful crust. It’s not a ciabatta. It’s not a bap. And it’s definitely not just a bit of bread

I really love the new layout on the quay

Five Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say
Every time I have to get a bus or train in this town I think sure itll only take 20 minutes from the Dunmore Road…Then I remember THE QUAY. I honestly think it takes just a much time to drive the motorway from Mullinavat to Kilkenny as it does to get down that quay at present. Anyone who says that they prefer the new lanes and roundabouts presently to previous traffic flow obviously doesn’t drive. End of story

It’s never going to happen

You know what I mean. The prize. The trophy. The rightful taking of Liam back home to the Deise. Long gone are the dark years of the 80s and 90s, with a spirit of revival in the air since that epic Munster Final win in 2002, as well as that clash with the cats in 2009. Losing in the final last year was heart breaking, but the tribesmen only won out by three points. It’s still for the taking, it’s still loitering in the loins of the like of Gleeson and Mahoney. It’s going to happen. DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’

I’ll have a pint of Kilkenny please

Five Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say
Sorry ,what? We don’t even speak of that place over the water (especially not during the season mentioned above) never mind drink that excuse for stout. If you’re from the town, you’ll have a Ritz, if you’re from the county you’ll have a bottle of Guinness off the shelf and if you’re from Waterford but like to seem “well travelled” and “cultured” you’ll have a pint of Metalman Equinox.  G’way with your notions

There’s nothing to do in Waterford

Five Things You'll Never Hear a Waterford Person Say
This has been included in this list because, yes, people actually do say this. “there’s nothing on”, town has “gone to the dogs” and so on. But there actually is SO much to do and explore in this wonderful county of ours. Whether it’s a live music gig, a children’s workshop, or a backgammon circle (coming soon) you’re looking for there is actually ALWAYS something to do in Waterford! See the Waterford in Your Pocket Facebook page for full list of events happening every week in Waterford. I just LOVES ME COUNTY! 🙂

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