Christmas Safety Message


Rapid Cabs and Purple Flag Christmas safety messages

Waterford City’s Rapid Cabs and Purple Flag offer top five safety tips for going out this Christmas season.
Christmas is a special time of year, especially for those who live in Waterford City. The City centre will enjoy its busiest time of the year with Christmas parties, Winterval, shopping and many other activities such as the ice skating and the Rotary memorial tree bringing the public in to celebrate this festive season.
Given where and when they work safety and security has always been paramount to Rapid Cabs. Practically no other industry understand the potential hazards if one is not cautious, especially during such a busy period.
While Waterford’s Purple Flag committee is proud of the City’s ‘Purple’ status and safe reputation, it is also well aware of its responsibility to help the public ensure they have a happy and safe holiday season.

Nick Donnelly Waterford Purple Flag COmmittee and Waterford Chamber of COmmerce with Eric O’Brien CEO of Rapid Cabs

That is why Rapid Cabs, supported by the Purple Flag committee, have come together with five simple safety messages for those who intend to enjoy what the City has to offer this Christmas.
1. Plan your night out, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
2. You, your family or friends should never walk home alone. Remember, safety in numbers. If you have no other option, walk in well-lit areas.
3. Take care when carrying your handbag, smart- phone or tablet in crowded areas. Keep them in a safe location, within view.
4. Take care of your Christmas shopping and never leave it unattended, especially in your car.
5. Never ever drink and drive, and if you are celebrating over Christmas be careful as you might still be over the limit the next morning.
Rapid Cabs CEO Eric O’Brien, explains the importance of these messages, “In our industry we see it all. We have invested heavily over the past few years in technology that makes our service better and safer for the customer, but you cannot allow for the human factor. Waterford is a great City to run a business, shop and party. That is why messages like this are so important. They seem obvious but at such a busy time of year can easily be overlooked.”
Nick Donnelly, Purple Flag Co-ordinator for Waterford commented, “We are delighted that Waterford has been awarded the Purple Flag status in recognition of our dedicated efforts and investment in the creation and enhancement of our evening and night time economy. We are using it as a stepping stone in our continuing development of a vibrant evening and night time environment which is safe and well managed.”
All Rapid Cabs drivers are fully Garda vetted, insured and licensed. Open and accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year, Rapid Cabs has a computerised booking dispatch system from its local taxi call centre and has installed in-car computers in all of its taxis to ensure as such efficiency as possible. Rapid Cabs new App is available for free on Apple and Android.